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100 Love Sonnets - I love you as (Full Poem)
A History of Love  (Full Poem)
A. E. Housman - Look not in my eyes.. (Full Poem)
Alexander Pope - Fame, wealth and honor.. (Poem Quote)
Algernon Charles Swinburne- If love were what the rose is.. (Full Poem)
Alice - My beloved.. (Full Poem)
Allen Johnson- I pledge to grow in my love for you.. (Full Poem)
Anne Bradstreet - To my Dear and Loving Husband (Full Poem)
Anne Morrow Lindberg - When you love someone (Full Poem)
Anne Morrow Lindberg - The web of marriage... (Poem Quote)
Anne Morrow Lindberg - When the wedding march sounds... (Poem Quote)
Anne Morrow Lindbergh - A Gift by the Sea (Full Poem)
Art of Marriage.. (Full Poem)
Arthur Penryhn Stanley - Life with its myriad grasp.. (Poem Quote)
Augustine Mignon - One hearts enough for me.. (Full Poem)
Braxton Brown - Let's Grow old together.. (Full Poem)
Bayard Taylor - The violet loves a sunny bank.. (Full Poem)
Ben Johnson - Drink to me only with thine eyes (Full Poem)
Carl Sandburg - ...but I love you yet more.. (Full Poem)
Carol D. Bos - Til Death do us Part.. (Full Poem)
Christopher Marlowe - thou art fairer.. (Poem Qoute)
Christopher Marlowe - Come live with me and be my love.. (Full Poem)
Collin McCarty - Always have a dream in your Heart.. (Full Poem) (For Fathers)
Constantine P.  Cavafry - Ithica.. (Full Poem) (For Fathers)
D. H. Laurence - Marriage is the clue to human life.. (Full Poem)
D. H. Laurence - I love you not only for what you are.. (Full Poem)
Dantes - Love reflects love in return.. (Full Poem)
E. E. Cummings - I do not know what it is about you.. (Poem Quote)
E. E. Cummings - Kisses are better fate.... (Poem Quote)
E. E. Cummings - Somewhere I have never traveled.. (Full Poem)
Edgar Allan Poe - O Human Love (Poem Quote)
Edgar Allan Poe - We loved... (Poem Quote)
Edmund O'Neil - Marriage Joins  two people in the circle of its love - (Full Poem)
Edmund Rostand - The more of my poor heart you take.. (Full Poem)
Edmund Spenser - Let Baser things devise.. (Poem Quote)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning - Two human Loves ... (Poem Quote)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning - How do I love thee? (Full Poem)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning - If thou must love me (Full Poem)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning - What I do (Poem Quote)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning - The face of all.. (Poem Quote)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning - Love me, sweet... (Poem Quote)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning - Who ever lives true life... (Poem Quote)
Emelia Josphine Burr - I am not sure that earth is round (Full Poem)
Emily Dickinson - God hath made nothing single (Poem Quote)
Emily Dickinson - Hope it the thing with... (Full Poem)
Emily Dickinson - Unable are the... (Poem Quote)
Emily Dickinson - To wait an hour is... (Poem Quote)
Freidrich Halm - What love is.. (Full Poem)
Gibran Khalil - Speak to us of love.. (Full Poem)
Gibran Khalil - And what of marriage... (Full Poem)
Gibran Khalil - Marriage is like.. (Poem Quote)
George P. Morris - Thous art the star.. (Full Poem)
Georgia McCoy - So shall a friendship fill each heart.. (Full Poem)
Hands of the Bride and Groom (Full Poem)
Henry Longfellow - It is the heart.. (Full Poem)
Henry Longfellow - The first sound in... (Full Poem)
Henry Van Dyke - Love is not getting.. (Poem Quote)
Hindu Marriage Poem.. (Full Poem)
I Love You.. (Full Poem)
Jean Ingelow - I'll love him more.. (Poem Quote)
John Clare - Thou wert my joy.. (Full Poem)
John Donne - I wonder... (Poem Quote)
John Donne -Love, all alike... (Poem Quote)
John Donne - Twice or thrice had I loved thee.. (Full Poem)
John Donne - Love's mysteries in souls do grow (Poem Quote)
John Donne - My face in thine eyes (Full Poem)
John Hay - Each shining light above us.. (Poem Quote)
John Milton - Our state cannot be severed.. (Full Poem)
John Milton - With thee conversing.. (Poem Quote)
John Ruskin - Trust thou thy love.. (Full Poem)
Joshua Sylvester - Were I as base as is the lowly plain.. (Full Poem)
Joshua Sylvester - Were you like the earth.. (Full Poem)
Langston Huges - Just because I love you.. (Full Poem)
Lord Byron - One shad the more.. (Full Poem)
Lord Byron - There be none of beautys daughters (Poem Quote)
Lord Byron - Tis Sweet to know (Poem Quote)
Lord Byron - Love will find a way (Poem Quote)
Lord Byron - Earth holds no other like thee (Poem Quote)
Lord Alfred Tennyson - The fountains mingle with the river (Poem Quote)
Lord Alfred Tennyson - I know not if I not if I know what love (Poem Quote)
Lord Alfred Tennyson - Once he drew with one long kiss (Poem Quote)
Lord Alfred Tennyson - Love is only Gold (Poem Quote)
Lord Alfred Tennyson - I have led her home (Poem Quote)
Margery Williams - Excerpt from "The Velveteen Rabbit".. (Full Reading)
Martin Farquhar Tupper - Young Bride (Full Poem)
Mary Angelou - I could not tell fact from.. (Poem Quote)

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