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Mary Ashley Townsend - How much do I love thee.. (Poem Quote)
Mary Sidney Herbert - Flesh of my flesh.. (Poem Quote)
Mary Sidney Herbert - My fellow, My companion.. (Poem Quote)
Mary Swenson - In Love made Visable.. (Full Poem)
Mary Weston Fordham - Marriage.. (Full Poem)
Matthew Arnold - We cannot kindle.. (Poem Quote)
Maura Penders - Jack and Jennifers Wedding Vows (Full Poem)
Michael Blumenthal - You are holding up a ceiling with both arms.. (Full Poem)
Mitch Albom- Excerpt from "Tuesdays with Morrie".. (Full Reading)
Natalie - I offer you not the summer of my life but.. (Full Poem)
Neil Finn - If I can't be with you.. (Full Poem)
Owen Meredith - That old miracle, love at first sight.. (Full Poem)
Paul Lauren Dunbar - Come when my heart is.. (Poem Qoute)
Percy Bysshe Shelley - Love's Philosophy.. (Full Poem)
Peggy Smith - Let's Grow old together.. (Full Poem)
Phoebe Cary - I think true love is never blind.. (Full Poem)
Plato - The Symposium.. (Full Poem)
Rainer Rilke - Love as a challange.. (Full Poem)
Regina Hill - Foundations of Marriage.. (Full Poem)
Reverand William Henry Channing - To live content with.. (Full Poem)
Richard Lovelace - Stone  walls do not a person make.. (Full Poem)
Robert Burns - But to see her was to love her.. (Poem Quote)
Robert Burns - My loves like a red, red rose.. (Full Poem)
Robert Louis Stevenson - Teacher, tender, comrad.. (Full Poem)
Robert Sexton - Long after moments of closeness have passed.. (Full Poem)
Robert Southey - they sin who tell us love can die.. (Poem Quote)
Roberta Anne Hahn - Daughter in Law Poem.. (Full Poem)
Roy Croft - LOVE.. (Full Poem)
Samual Taylor Coleridge - All thoughts all passions.. (Full Poem)
Sir Walter Raleigh - True Love is a durable fire.. (Poem Quote)
Sir Walter Scott - The Lay of the Last Minstrel (Full Poem)
The Prophet.. (Full Poem)
This Marriage.. (Full Poem) (For Fathers)
Thomas Campbell - Love, the surprising gift of heaven.. (Poem Quote)
Thomas Moore - Those worlds.. (Full Poem)
To My Marine (Full Poem)
Tom Panchaud - Here we stand before witnesses.. (Full Reading)
Unknown - Yet there will be times.. (Full Poem)

Unknown - Our Love.. (Full Poem)

Unknown - Perfect Love.. (Full Poem)
Unknown - Touched by an Angel.. (Full Poem)
Unknown - What is a friend?.. (Full Poem)
Unknown - I knew I had been touched by love (Full Poem)
Unknown - I dreamed of a wedding.. (Full Poem)
Union of Love (Full Poem)
Vows for a Wedding at Sea - (Full Poem Reading)
Victor Hugo - Of Shared Love.. (Full Poem)
Walt Whitman - I give you my hand.. (Poem Quote)
Walt Whitman - Listen, I will be honest with you.. (Full Poem)
William Blake - If a thing loves.. (Full Poem)
William Butler Yeats - Had I the heaven's.. (Full Poem)
William Cartwright - Love makes those young.. (Poem Quote)
William Cowper - What is there in the value of life.. (Full Poem)
William Ellory Channing - Our boat to the waves.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - Love is not Love.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - So they Loved as love in twain.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - My bounty is boundless as the sea.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - One Half of me is yours.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - Sonnet 18.. (Full Sonnet)
William Shakespeare - Sonnet 116.. (Full Sonnet)
William Shakespeare - Joy, Gentle Friends.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - But here's the Joy.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - Love Comforteth.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - Love sought is good.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - Such is my Love.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - For they sweet love remembered.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - Shall quips and sentences.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - Did my heart love til now.. (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - Read the complete works of.... (Poem Quote)
William Shakespeare - The Nature of True Love.. (Full Poem)
William Wordsworth - There is not.. (Poem Quote)
Winthrop Mackworth Praid - Now the rite is duly done.. (Poem Quote)
With an Exuberant Embrace.. (Full Poem)
You never fail to make me smile.. (Full Poem)

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